We strive to bring our clients a smile


Life and Work Joy was formed by Maria Roberts, LCSW, RPT-S, EMDR Level II Clinician and EQi 2.0 Certified, who has worked with individuals and organizations for the past 20 years.  Recently completing  initial coursework for her PhD in Business Psychology, Consulting  Tract, she continues to support growth and change while recognizing the strength in each individual, group and organization. 
  • Maria has successfully developed and implemented interventions that show results in organizations decreasing negative impact of member behaviors on all levels, supporting greater work joy for all
  • As a provider of Employment Assistance and a private practitioner, she has helped hundreds of individuals, families, couples, children and youth
  • Maria has served organizations such as the military, and private and public sector clients from all settings
  • Clients report a decrease in stress levels and an increase in finding solutions to live healthier, fuller lives.

Maria strives to shine a light through any clouds of fear and doubt.