Personal Consulting 

Personalized sessions for all age groups

Guidance towards finding the path to your goals

or solutions to any issues
Unblocking hurdles to progress
Training in positive thinking
Stress reduction through deep relaxation practice
Strengthen personal purpose and pursuit of your dream

Family meetings addressing family functioning or transitions

Conflict resolution to restore home balance

Also see Clinical Services



Our Mission


Life and Work Joy Consulting provides a wide range of services and programs, serving people of all ages and cultures from any setting.  The intent is to team up with you to take on more life changing events and transformations.   Whether you are an individual, a family, an employee or organization seeking life and work balance, the philosophy is about helping people envision the place beyond any self defined limitation, reframing stinking thinking into forward planning and a blurred path to a clear journey; moving from healing the past to sealing the future and leaping from an ok attitude to a true appreciation and deeper value for

life and work